Rustic Wood Table Centerpiece

For Christmas this year, Devin & I handmade most of
my families gifts together. I wanted to surprise them
with some of our talents since all of us girls are always
sending each other cute rustic decor by text & Pinterest "shares".
I fell in LOVE with a large rustic wood centerpiece I saw
one day when browsing, & I knew it would fit their style.

This is still probably my favorite thing that we ever created! 
I had fun distressing the wood with different stains & paint. 

We also used metal sheets and gorgeous handles to
finish off the piece. It would be perfect across a rustic
dining room table with some wine bottles in the center
& of course some seasonal florals to brighten the space!

Isn't it amazing?! So perfectly rustic & chic at the same time.
Enjoy, xoxo

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