Entryway | Sofa | Coffee - Table

We just love this piece. It's probably one of our favorites! It works perfectly 
in so many different spaces, it has a gorgeous rustic design & stain, & you
can even add casters to spice it up for your space. I designed it as a bathroom
table, a coffee table, and an entryway / sofa table. If we had the space, 
it would definitely be in our kitchen sporting all of our coffee goodies
with an adorable coffee mug rack on the wall. 

Check out the simple coffee bar setup, perfect for in a kitchen:

It would also compliment your living room perfectly with an
open layout, placing it behind your couch, adding some flowers & 
coasters, along with all of your cozy blankets! 

I also LOVE the espresso stain. It's perfect. 

Enjoy! xoxo


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